Krystle Primer Duo

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Do you know a “Krystal”?  Sure you  do! -Her nails won’t  stay on . EVER.  A binding UN Resolution could not keep them in place!!

Are you a Krystal? Do you know a Krystal? .. Do you have a client that’s a Krystal? ..or even a collection of Krystals?

Krystal’s Primer Duo: One is ‘Grip Magic’. The other? ‘Nail Whisperer’ – So next time you see a “Krystal”, give her a nod and say, ‘Stick around, girlfriend. We’ve got the primer!


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♬ original sound – AmberTheNailWhisperer

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Krystle Primer Duo is a game-changer for at-home manicures, fills and for any nail techs that thrive on protecting the natural nail.
The primer pack gives you unparalleled adhesion without the need for extensive filing or drilling.
Arch Rival “Salt” Acid Primer prepares your nails by creating microscopic etching -apply on a nail that is lightly buffed with a 240 grit buffer.
This formulation eliminates the need for aggressive filing, and preserves the strength and thickness of your natural nails.
Microscopic etching allows for better adhesion to all types of gel or acrylic–Your manicure will last longer and stay flawless.
Working in synergy with the ‘Salt’ primer, the Arch Rival “Optima” UV Primer fills and seals the microscopic etching created by “Salt” primer.
The liquid consistency of the UV cure primer finds its way easily into the etching creating an ultra strong and long-lasting bond between your nails and any UV gel or acrylic, resulting in a manicure that is durable and chip-resistant.
Time-consuming and damaging nail preparation techniques are a thing of the past.
The Krystle Primer Duo offers a gentle and effective alternative that preserves the thickness and strength of your natural nails while achieving expert adhesion with a little more than a light buffing.
Safety Instructions:
To ensure the safe and proper use of primer products, it’s important to follow these guidelines:
1. Avoid Skin Contact: In the event that any product comes into contact with the skin, it should be promptly washed off with soap and water. This will help prevent any potential adverse reactions or allergies or sensitization.
2. Use the Recommended Amount: It’s essential not to overload the brush or oversaturate the nail with product. Applying the appropriate amount of primer or UV primer will help achieve optimal results and minimize the risk of any negative effects.
3.Drying Times: While Optima is a UV product and is cured under a UV lamp, the Salt Primer is air dried and must be completely dry before adding the Optima. Ensure that the entire nail has become an almost milky white to ensure the salt is dry.
4. Krystle Primer Duo is not recommended for any manicure that you would like to soak off. These primers are best used with products that will be filled such  Arch Rival hard gel, Recover and Recover Plus.
Additionally, we have Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all of our products on our website. These SDS sheets offer detailed information about the product’s composition, safe handling, and emergency procedures. It’s recommended to review these sheets to ensure a thorough understanding of the products and their safety measures. By adhering to these guidelines and utilizing the available resources, you can enjoy the benefits of primer products while prioritizing your safety and minimizing the risk of any adverse reactions.
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Krystle Primer Duo

Availability: In stock

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