Improper Education got you in the shower, hiding from failure of proportion? Suddenly scary "Bad Application" rips back the curtain and slashes you with defeat! Your watery green income slowly swirls down the drain.

It is a nightmare on Palm Street repeated in salons across the world every day. Don't bother running and screaming from the slow plod of the horror of subpar technique. No need to put the lotion on the problem or saw the fingers off your last client; its hee-eere ... Your final destination.


Master Educator Ramona Hales

Educating Nail technicians since 2014
Educator Acrylic Expert Magnetic Nail Design 2013
Crystal Nails Qualified Educator at Boot Camp 2014
Nail Pro Competition International Beauty Show 2015 Las Vegas #2nd place extreme stiletto
Nominated Best Acrylic Tech by Nail Nation 2017
1st Place Fantasy Nail Art Nail Pro Competition ISSE Long Beach 2017
Trained with   - Henrietta Almasi - Gabriella Kobacs - Alexandra Mehesz -Natalia Gritsenko - European Nail Shapes and Competition training with Yire Castillo.


Courses are always the best investment and return for your success!

All Courses are tailored to your unique need, whether it be form placement, lifting and troubleshooting to advanced structure and art. Sculpt lasting nails with less lifting and cracking. Match clients nail type and lifestyle to optimal product. Create designs that leave your client excited to display your work. Learn exactly what YOU need to advance.

  • Product Training
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Advanced Training
  • Salon Structure
  • Art
  • One Stroke

ALL courses come with 20% off up to 200$ In Store!

**some restrictions apply

Your personal discount code will be given to you upon purchase of any course.
To Book In-Person or Online Training email:

Course Costs

Course Costs


One on One Online Training

  • 1-hour -125
  • 3-hour half day -275
  • 6-hour one day - 500

One on One In-Person Training

  • 3-hour Half day - 300
  • 6-hour Full day – 550 *includes lunch

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